Thursday, March 06, 2003

Hello Web world, I thought would come out swinging into this new world (for me anyway) world of BLOGS. My first post is a letter I sent to CBS concerning a segment on 60 Minutes II last night. Hope you enjoy the rant:

To Whom it May Concern:

As I watched your segment last night about Bravo Company of the 3rd Battalion, 15th Infantry Regiment, I was left with one over-riding question: where were all the Black American soldiers? Dan rather interviewed not one! As a matter of fact I didn’t see one black soldier, period; in for foreground or in the background while you were shooting! Is that because there are no black soldiers and or officers, in Bravo Company? That would be pretty hard to believe since the overwhelming majority of infantry is made of black men, or so we’re told.

So I am back to my question: where were all the Black American soldiers? Were they not photogenic enough; were they no heroic enough; did you feel they had nothing to say, or that they would say the wrong thing? Or is that racism—subtle as it may be in this case—is once again rearing it ugly multifaceted head? It may mean noting to you, but to me a Black American male who served his country for 15 years it means a lot! I want my children to see that black males are serving their country every bit as much as white men. I want them to know, from more then just my example, that black men are more then the subtotal of the media cliques they have grown up seeing on their television screens. That black men are then a prison statistic, more then a rap record; and much more then the drug dealers, petty felons, and one-dimensional sex fiends Hollywood loves to portray them as!

Shame on you for not showing us (the American public and the world) a balanced representation of Bravo Company. We deserve and demand better! I am tired of all of America’s heroes wearing a white face!

Vincent Martin...

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