Thursday, November 10, 2005 - Frist concerned more about leaks than secret prisons - Nov 10, 2005 - Frist concerned more about leaks than secret prisons - Nov 10, 2005
Every time I start to get a warm and fuzzy about Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, he opens his month and says something really stupid and ruins it all. So the man is more concerned about leaks—which are a part of Washington politics as scandals, sex with interns, and graft—but he is not concerned about the undermining of American ethics and values, not to mention a gross subversion of the law! Is it okay to use the word Nazi and Frist in the same sentence, or would that be considered poor taste?

"My concern is with leaks of information that jeopardize your safety and security -- period," Frist said, but the continued ill-treatment of Muslims and others does nothing to undermine the so-called War on Terror? We have become that which we despise; we are the bully, the aggressor, that country that spits on the fa├žade of the Scales of Justice; that nation whose people think themselves above the law. We are no longer a nation whose government respects the rights of others, but a nation whose government looks, acts, and speaks like a third world dictatorship. We are the nation that no longer respects human rights, we are the nation other nations should and do fear, we are no longer the shinning light on the hill (as if we ever were), we are instead the hill itself, dark, hard, and unfeeling. Our Constitution is dying a slow wicked death at the hand of men without principles our moral suasion. God (if there is one) no longer blesses us…

Tuesday, November 08, 2005 - Kansas school board redefines science - Nov 8, 2005 - Kansas school board redefines science - Nov 8, 2005
Just when you thought it was save to learn again in Kansas the level-headed, radial folks on the state Board of Education have once again proved that ignorance comes in the form of religion and religious intolerance. Though the proponents of Intelligent Design insist that religion does not play a part in the fabrication of their fantasy, those with half, hell a quarter of a brain can make the connection between God and ID.

Pity the poor children of Kansas, and shame on the parents who would allow their children to be mis-educated, misled, and disadvantaged by such nonsense. - Eyes On the Off-Year Election Prize! - Eyes focus on tight New Jersey, Virginia races - Nov 8, 2005
Time to see if the American people have awoken from their 9/11 induced stupor in which half of us were led to believe that the Republican Party was the answer to all ills; that its members had the lock on leadership, even if their collective vision and common sense was hampered by a haughtiness that would do Hitler proud (did I say that?).

In addition, it is time to see if the citizens of Detroit, MI have had enough of a corrupt Mayor who acts more like an African dictator then mayor of a dying (major) American city, whose inhabitants are close to 85% Black. How about citizens of Detroit do you deserve better, or are you content to see your once proud city dye while Kwame Kilpatrick parties the night away on your dime(s)?

And in California, the experiment in true Democracy—albeit failing—is once more rearing it ugly head, spurred on as it is by the actor turned terrible Governor. Will the largely Democratic state—the largest in the Union in terms of population—tell Arnold not to bother coming back for a second term? Lets hope so!

Monday, November 07, 2005

BBC NEWS | Europe | Timeline: French riots

BBC NEWS | Europe | Timeline: French riots

BBC NEWS | Europe | French plan curfews to stop riots

BBC NEWS | Europe | French plan curfews to stop riots
What is going on in France? Who would have thought 12 days ago that such a thing could happen in France? But racial tensions have been brewing under the veneer of French society for quite some time now. And France is not alone in its immigrant tribulations; Germany, Italy, Great Britain, Denmark, indeed most of Western Europe also have large immigrant populations. Might rioting in one, some, or all of these nations be next? How long before the French get fed up wit the systematic destruction of their cities and resort to violence the put down the uprising?