Sunday, March 23, 2003

WAR, fifth day, the ground troops advance towards Baghdad, by way of many, many small and medium sized Iraqi cities. I am watching to around-the-clock coverage of the WAR on MSNBC for the most part; they seem to have the best coverage, certainly since CNN has been summarily relieve of duty in Baghdad. The U.S. Marines and Army continue to advance apace, taking out opposition, sometimes fierce, as they barrel toward Baghdad.

They story of the U.S. soldier tossing hand grenades into tents of the 101st Airborne as it continues to unfold tragic. . The soldier whose actions were cowardly tragic, sad, and treasonous, was identified as Muslim American, who had voiced opposition to the WAR. One has to wonder if this incident will now cause a backlash against other Muslim American in the ranks of the U.S. Armed Forces. Our men and woman arte professionals, and that will help temper their response, but they are after all human. And let us not forget that save two recorded incidence of domestic terrorism all of the terrorist attacks against the U.S. have been perpetrated by peoples of the Islamic faith. It is sad but true happenstance, one which can not be denied or explained away with irrational indignation.

As the WAR progresses and the protest around the world continue apace, my mind is shifting as one solidly against the prosecution of this WAR to one who can see the necessity of its action. The protests stir up emotion and memories. The emotion of indignity is fueled by the staggering hypocrisy of most of the world’s people and governments, many of which would not enjoy the freedom they do if not for the military prowess, mastery and bravery of the U.S. Armed Forces. The Europeans, who have watched as their power waned after the bloodbath of WWII, used to hold sway over most of the worlds trouble spots. Their rule in the 16th – mid 20th centuries was often brutal, self serving, and by no means, democratic. Indeed, they have been responsible for the destruction of more civilizations then any other group of peoples in the history of the world. And yet, they now raise their voices in protest now as America attempt to remove an evil. Yes, they have a right to protest, but perhaps that protestation should be tempered by an acknowledgment of the part they and their governments have historically played in the shaping of the world, and the conflicts and strife that sprang from their disengagement from imperialism.

My memories call into focus the great evil of this man Saddam Hussein, who has in the past gassed in the thousands, his own people, without a single sign being raised in protest. This is a man who started two wars with barley a voice being raised in protest, nor fist in anger, by the European people, even as Saddam again gassed Iranian soldiers and civilians and instigated missile attacks on populace Iranian cities. This is a man who sent his soldiers to rape a country, and not an angry word was uttered by the worlds Muslims, despite the fact—or because—he had invaded a fellow Muslim nation. Times after time this man has proved his evil intent, but the worlds people, have scarcely noticed or given air to protest.

But now, the world’s populace is indignant; now they are angry; now they are taking notice; now they are concerned, even the Americans, most of which drove to their respective protests in SUV’s or other means of transportation that guzzles gas as you and I would consume a bottle of Gatorade after a football game of a hot summers day in Atlanta, GA.

My wife and I had an animated discussion about this very subject last night. She was against the WAR leading up to its commencement, but now she is wavering…more later.

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