Wednesday, April 09, 2003

War Diary, April 9, 2003: Blitzkrieg 2003 - Baghdad has Fallen

Baghdad had fallen, Baghdad has fallen, and the people of the city are celebrating and looting. Like in Basra, in Baghdad chaos reins. And the people’s jubilation is tempered by anger and frustration. Those who can’t understand it should try for just a moment to walk 50 yards in their shoes.

Ruin, no water, no electricity, ruin, everywhere ruin. Anarchy is the rule of the day, the rule of law can find no purchase…whatever we do, we have to get this one right, we have to prove to the Iraqi people, the Arab community, and indeed the world that democracy can take hold in Iraq. We cannot botch this, we cannot install our own henchman to replace the one(s) we just toppled, we cannot and should not repeat the mistakes of the recent past, but instead look to end of World War II as a guide post of how to proceed.

That being said, this WAR is far from over, on that point I do agree with the Bushies. Three major cities in the north have to be taken and I have feeling that they will not go down as Baghdad did, especially the place of Saddam’s birth, Tikrit. I wonder when the armor will once again roll across the desert to do battle with evil…

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