Saturday, February 19, 2005

The News & The Ignorant Masses...

The day is a generally depressing one. Even though it’s the weekend I am still not resting as I should; I always seem to be behind on something. And the news is really starting to get under my skin, not so much the news per-se the subject matter. There was a piece on last night about the Evolution debate in the public schools that really pissed me off. Why are we still having this debate? I get so fed up with the Christians and their zeal to make everyone as ignorant as they are. Live your live and let me live mine. If you want to teach your children Creationism do it at home on in Church not in the Public School, where it has no place! The bible is not a text book from which all public school children can or should be taught. Leave it alone already.

To me the sense and sensibility behind the doctrine of separation of church and state is so clear, that any moron could figure it out, but I suppose I am wrong in this regard. Most people are not students of history; most Americans are not students of their own nation’s history, let alone that of the world. Ignorance will spell the end of this Republic, and it is so frustrating, because we have such promise. I only hop I am not there to see the end of it all.

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