Wednesday, August 10, 2005 - Mother missed signs of 'choking game' - Aug 10, 2005 - Mother missed signs of 'choking game' - Aug 10, 2005

Don’t we parents have enough to worry about without our children inventing new ways to excite, harm and ultimately kill themselves? But we (adults) are partially to blame for cultivating a society where life is thirty second commercial filled with moving images too fast for the human eye to digest. Life is not to be lived at a pace that does not promote excitement. Woo onto thee who is boring!

I never even thought of doing something like this to myself when I was growing up. The most excitement we had on my block was playing kiss and feel hide and seek, which is pretty tame compared to the games children now seem to be playing. Sometimes I feels are though or society is on the road to Hell and there is precious little room to turn about. Whatever happened to curling up with a good book and letting your mind get lost in words? That to me is a rush, a high that stays with me well into the day, or fosters dreams when I rest at night if I read right before bed. I rather that then have my magnificent, wondrous, and fantastical brain drown in a pool of alcohol or choke and slowly die for lack of air!

Are we as a race of beings getting stupider by the generation?

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