Wednesday, September 14, 2005 - Federal judge?declares Pledge?unconstitutional - Sep 14, 2005 - Federal judge?declares Pledge?unconstitutional - Sep 14, 2005

And the battled is joined anew. Laying aside the fact that I agree with the court for a moment, I think the Supreme Court will find it hard to dodge the bullet this time since parent have join the main litigant in the suit this time. While he may not have standing they certainly do. And with the Federal District Court in Virginia taking a different track of this case, the High Court almost has to hear the case in order to settle the dispute. All of this hinges on the 9th Circuit taking up the case; I think it a safe bet they will agree to hear the case.

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David R. Remer said...

Mr. Martin, this is such an important issue. The state requiring a pledge to a nation under god, literally smashes down the wall between church and state in public schools. I don't much care if my daughter says the pledge under god or not.

I do care if the future is paved for the government to indoctrinate my daughter's children to religion in public schools. And that is the issue at hand. I agree, the 9th circuit is likely to pick up the case. And my guess is, Roberts will uphold separation on this issue, while Miers will not.