Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Bush: Military action against Syria Last option - Mideast/N. Africa - MSNBC.com

Bush: Military action against Syria Last option - Mideast/N. Africa - MSNBC.com: "former Lebanese premier Rafik al-Hariri."
So are we in the business of invading other countries (as a last option of course) because they oppose us on well, anything? What is the ludicrous talk of invading Syria as a last resort? Are we back in 1914 when all it took the simple assassination of one man to start a World War and bring about the death of millions? Has the United States under George W. (kick me I’m stupid) Bush becomes the world’s bully, threatening counties with military action if they don’t kowtow and give us what we demand?

Not that Syria has much to fear from the United States military, sad to say. The Army is in no condition to invade Marco Island, let alone a large country like Syria with a rather large standing Army; ditto for the Marines. The most Syria has to fear is a few cruise missiles fired its way from U.S. Navy ships in the Mediterranean of Air Force bombers, probably out of Iraq. Little more could be done, and even that is nonsense.

If the Syrian government is responsible for the assignation of former Lebanese premier Rafik al-Hariri, then the United Nation should hold the country account. The United States should not act unilaterally, or in concert with Great Britain; use the U.N. and let that be the end of it. Enough talk of WAR, WAR, WAR!!

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