Monday, November 07, 2005

BBC NEWS | Europe | French plan curfews to stop riots

BBC NEWS | Europe | French plan curfews to stop riots
What is going on in France? Who would have thought 12 days ago that such a thing could happen in France? But racial tensions have been brewing under the veneer of French society for quite some time now. And France is not alone in its immigrant tribulations; Germany, Italy, Great Britain, Denmark, indeed most of Western Europe also have large immigrant populations. Might rioting in one, some, or all of these nations be next? How long before the French get fed up wit the systematic destruction of their cities and resort to violence the put down the uprising?

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Steve Chernoski said...

Pat Buchanan continues to harp that Europe is imploding because of its Muslim immigrants. I think it remains to be seen. However, he goes onto say (as always) that the Mexicans and other Latin America immigrants are going to do the same thing in America.

However, he totally forgets to note that (unlike the European immigrants) the Mexicans do share a common religion with most Americans. There is no culture clash there. America assimilates its immigrants better than Europe. I just wish Buchanan would acknowledge this: America and Europe are different.