Friday, January 13, 2006

Democrat says Alito hearings may be pointless - The Changing Court -

Democrat says Alito hearings may be pointless - The Changing Court - MSNBC.comWhat a pretty impasse we’ve come to as a country, as a Republic. The acrimony is so deep, and the partisanship so thick that our system of governance is breaking down piece by fractured, dysfunctional piece, and We The People are the losers. Speaking on the Today show today Sen. Joe Biden, D-Del., stated that, “The system's kind of broken.”

He was of course referring to the Senate’s Constitutional duties of advice and consent, and the current confirmation proceedings of one Samuel Alito. As I have listened to the proceedings, one thing is abundantly clear: the Democrats are asking all of the questions, and the Republicans are making all of the grand speeches and pronouncements in support of Judge Alito. The Republicans are in effect acting as character witnesses for the Judge who would be justice and as such are abrogating their responsibility as impartial Senators. It would actually be amusing the watch and listen to if it were not so sad and wholly predictable.

My respect for the Republican Party never very high to begin with is almost non-existent. Do any of them have a voice of their own? Except for John McCain, they all act like Stepford Wives, acting, speaking, and voting as one. Whatever happened to integrity and loyal to country before Party?

Biden went on to say on the Today show: “Americans should know how a nominee interprets the Constitution on key social views, but since nominees refuse to discuss their interpretations, citing the possibility they’d have to rule on them in the future, the hearings serve no real purpose…”

Sadly I couldn’t agree more with the Senator…The American government under Bush’s leadership continues to decay and fracture. Lets us hope the American people come to their senses and turn the failed Republican leadership team in Congress out at the end of this year; the country and the Constitution can’t take much “Republican leadership and moral suasion.”

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