Sunday, March 18, 2012

I'm Back!!

Wow, I’ve been away for a while, busy with life.  I decided to giving political writing a rest after the 2008 election cycle, my mind and spirit needed the rest.  But as we cruise in to the 2012 election cycle, i am feeling the urge again the unburden my heart and mind.  

You see we are in a crazy political and social season in America.  Ever since Barak Obama became President of the nation the Conservative wing of the Republican Party has simply lost its collective mind! The result: we have been living through a 3-year long episode of the fucking Twilight Zone!  As the months drag by the Grand Old Party has been getting nuttier and nuttier; I have to admit that most of what they are advocating across a brad spectrum of issues is just plain nuts! 

So, I am back!  I have to have a release valve for my thoughts, more meaningful than Twitter and more unguarded than Facebook.  This is my private/public space, my canvas of of ideas that dare not shout their frustration elsewhere.  So look out from now until the end of this election cycle I will be posting here; it will be raw, emotional, terse, inspired, angry, and Progressive, but of course it will make sense!! 


Anonymous said...

Yer a dumbass douchebag.
How do you feel now about your comments about the previous administration and it's (according to you) abuse of the rule of law?
You want a following? Own up to your hypocrisy. Point out the truth. Yer no independent. Yer progressive scum.

Writing a dissertation proposal said...

I chose to giving political written work a rest after the 2008 race cycle, my psyche and soul required the rest.