Sunday, April 15, 2012

Teen rape victim jailed


Lisa Carey

And the War on Women continues apace.  

A few days ago I read this article about an “alleged” rape victim who was jailed.  Yes, you read that right, she was jailed while her “alleged” rapist goes free.  My anger over this issue has not abated since I read the article.  No need to read it – here is the video for you.

She is a 17 year old victim, who at the age of 16 was kidnapped, raped, sexually assaulted and actually came forward and reported the crime.  What courage that takes!  However for her efforts she is in jail (they are calling it custody in a juvenile hall) in order to make sure she appears to testify in his case.   So, while he goes free and prepares his case, she is in jail. Does anyone else see the problem with this? 

What is this Afghanistan?  Because in Afghanistan a woman that was cruelly raped by her husband’s cousin, was sentenced to jail.  He was sentenced to serve 7 years in prison and she was sentenced to serve 24 months but was released.   Her first appeal for release actually required that she marry her attacker, since she was pregnant from the rape.  That requirement has been dropped.

The young girl in question is represented by counsel who says, "I think it's outrageous that the DA's Office wants to put a rape victim – a juvenile rape victim – in custody, as if she were the criminal, in a case where she is the victim," attorney Lisa M. Franco told the Sacramento Bee. "You can't stomp all over her rights and put her in jail, when she's a victim, revictimize (sic) her and treat her like she's a criminal." 

"I can't tell you how terribly sorry I am that you're in the circumstance that you're in," the judge told the victim.

But the argument is that we have to “look at the big picture,”  "It's something that we have to look at the big picture on, there's a very dangerous man out there, we believe him to be a serial rapist, and we're doing what we have to do," said prosecutor Van Stalen.

The victim has missed prior court dates and cannot be forced to testify, however it was determined that her presence alone would win the case. She has run away from foster care three times, one time of which she used the opportunity to return to her mother’s house.  Honestly, I think I would too!

In the Sacramento Bee Assistant District Attorney Albert Locher said "It's the last thing we ever want to do. You never want to have a victim or a witness in custody. But you have to balance protecting the community. When you look at (Rackley's) background – multiple victims already – it's important that we try to prevent another victim from being harmed."

This girl has been in custody since March 27.  She goes before the court again on April 16th.  Her attorney says the girl is ready to appear and to testify.   Of course she is, she would do anything to get out of detention. Wouldn’t you?

What is this was your daughter, niece, or sister?   

Lisa Carey is a Yahoo Shine parenting contributor, Top 1000 Yahoo Voices Contributor as well as Houston Family Examiner and owner/author of Money Saving

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