Tuesday, March 11, 2003

Slowly, painfully, inexorably we crawl towards war. A new bomb was tested today. At 21,000lbs, it is by far the largest in the U.S. or anyone else arsenal! Where oh where are we going to drop that? The world is unraveling and I feel powerless to pull tight the string. War is inevitable, unavoidable; it lingers like a dark cloud over everything we seem to do. The stock market is down, the price of gas it up; all bad news seems to have “War with Iraq” stamped up its title page.

I am at the point now—and I know I am not alone—that I wish we would just invade and get it over with already. Invade and let the world implode, and the hatred of American and Americans, spill forth like hot lave from newly awakened volcano. The terrorist will strike and we will strike back, all is lost, all is lost, or so it seems.

The spilt with our Allies continues to grow and I fear for the future of the United Nations, and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization for that matter. Mired in a sea of poisonous self interest, and no longer united in the quest to end the evil of communism, the nations of the world have once again turned from multilateralism. The bridge over the moot of cooperation and human progression has been raised, and once again the world is hurdling towards world war.

The United States, is acting like a spoiled child and the conservatives blinder firmly attached trumpet the call to arms with unbridled, naked glee. A quick listen to conservative AM talk radio will bear me out. It’s scary really, how many people; mostly white males want to rush to war. They are so maddening in their Pavlovian devotion to the Accidental President. He can do nothing wrong in their eyes, he is the great White leader, who will slay the evil doer in Baghdad, no matter the eventual cost to nation.

More thoughts tomorrow, time to post…

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