Monday, March 17, 2003

So it is WAR! Diplomacy has breathed its last breath, and the God’s of war have taken the field. And now that it has come upon us, and we are powerless to stop it, we have to support it. Our military men and women deserve that much from us at home. I only hope the war will be swift and sure, and that Saddam does not have it in his mind to use chemical weapons. But if he has them at his disposal, what would prevent him from using them. He has, at this point, nothing to lose. His land at the end of this will belong to the United States; to the victor goes the spoils, said spoils in this case running black under the desert.

I fear the fight for Baghdad will be fierce and bloody, if the Iraqis decide it is better to fight the onslaught that is the American Army and Marines, not to mention the British Army, rather then give it up, and save the city. Make no mistake, if the fight for Baghdad comes to a seize of old, the city will be destroyed utterly, of that there can certainly be little debate. How, oh how, did we as a nation come to this. Have we become marauders, the Mongols of the new century?

This is distressing. I will write more after the Presidents speech tonight in 18 minutes…

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