Wednesday, March 19, 2003

So it has begun; the missiles are flying the motivational music is playing, the hearts are beating, the curtain has lifted on WAR. Let it be swift, let it be as bloodless as possible, and let us not be isolated in the end.

Targets of opportunity they are calling it…40 Tomahawks fired from Navy ships in the Persian Gulf and most likely the Red Sea, and Air Force F117’s launched the attack.

All we can do now is watch as the war plays out like a silent film before us as ex-military generals and admirals become talking heads for the networks. I have asserted that this war is wrong because it violates traditional American principles. We are not an empire, nor do I think we should aspire to such a venture. Freedom for ourselves and others is supposed to be our watch word! We should not seek to hold land and peoples for our own design and benefit.

But now that war is upon us, I will support our fighting MEN & WOMEN (not boys and girls as I had heard them called), insofar as possible from my landlocked perch in Chicago. I consider them my brethren, for I was once among their ranks. When you are deployed in a distant land, the support of those at home means the world to you. So my support they shall have, albeit with a heavy heart and sullen mood. I am tired of war…

On a related note, I heard on the way home this afternoon, that some 35 or more propane canisters have gone missing in and around the Chicago area! The FBI has claimed that the thefts are unrelated, but this pronouncement is a little hard to swallow without thought or reflection. I do not believe these thefts to be just a coincidence, and unhappy happenstance if you will. Something evil, foul, underhanded, frightful, and menacing is afoot. I just hope my own back yard will be free from surge of fire, but since I go to school down town I have to be wary…

Is this the beginning of the end? When will the terrorist shoe drop with fire and destruction upon our unwitting heads?

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